Tiare Collio Sauvignon Blanc DOC with 96++ points and other classics

Tiare Collio Sauvignon Blanc DOC

Far to the east of northern Italy, near the Slovenian border, lies the Tiare società semplice agricola. It is the life’s work of Roberto Snidarcig, the Italian with the Slovenian name, the “Pignolo” (bean counter, as his wife affectionately calls him). Absolute wine milestones, such as the Tiare Collio Sauvignon Blanc DOC, come from here. In 1985 Roberto started as a hobby winemaker on just one hectare of vineyards, today he collects the highest awards for his wines. At the latest with the “Best Sauvignon Blanc in the world” (Concours Mondial Sauvignon 2014) Tiare has reached the wine olymp.

From amateur winemaker to creator of the “Best Sauvignon Blancs in the world
with 96++ points

But despite all the overwhelming success that Snidarcig celebrates, especially with his Sauvignon Blanc, he does not limit himself to international grape varieties – his love, which is not so secret at all, belongs to the clones that come from old local vines and the typical local varieties like Friulano, which are known for their high aromatic potential.

Good vines, then. In addition, wonderfully mineral marl and clay soils. Favourable air currents, with fresh winds from the Alps and a warm sea breeze from the Adriatic. An ultra-modern wine cellar. Winegrower’s heart, what more do you want? The best conditions for continuing to collect renowned prizes for top-quality wines.

With the Tiare Collio Sauvignon Blanc DOC you have an absolute shooting star of the Italian wine world in a glass, who (in an earlier vintage) was elected “Best Sauvignon Blanc in the world”. The elegant straw yellow wine has aromas of elderflower, citrus, peach and fresh gooseberry. Ethereal herbaceous notes of sage, boxwood, geranium and tomato leaf are added. On the palate it inspires with great fullness, an exciting and firm texture and a wonderfully fresh fruit acidity. 96++ points