Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC ~ AdventSale#14 ~ 98 Luca-Maroni-points

Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC

Roman flair in the bottle! Let the highly aromatic Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC take you to the Eternal City and sniff out its flair on a Vespa excursion between Spanish stairs and vineyards, through noisy alleys, past venerable ruins and Catholic wonders. For a long time we were looking for a real top quality wine from Rome and its immediate surroundings – now we have found it!


Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines Puglia IGP ~ AdventSale#12 ~ 98 Luca-Maroni-points

Femar Vini Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines

If the gifted wine artists of Femar Vini take only grapes from old Primitivo vines and create a brand-new top quality creation from them in a refined procedure, then we can be as curious as a lightning arch. The Femar Vini Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines Primitivo Puglia IGP is composed of dried berries, passing through a short passage in wooden barrels, producing an above-average alcohol content. The „increase in wages“ has truly earned this wine, after so much effort in the service of quality!


Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco ~ Luca Maroni: 98 points for 2016 „best whitewine Lazio“

Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco Lazio

vvAfter a brilliant warmup, our AdventSale comes at the right operating temperature – thank you all very much for the enormous demand! And with the Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco Lazio IGP we deliver again. Il maestro Luca Maroni lifts his hat and simply chooses this exceptional Bianco as „best whitewine Lazio“. If all wines were like Donnaluce, the profession would probably have to be renamed „applauders“ or „admirers“.


Mondo del Vino

In 1991 the young and ultra-modern winery MGM Mondo del Vino Alfeo by Martini, Roger Gabb and Christopher Mack was founded. The winery is located in Priocca, an idyllic village in the heart of the Piedmont. Dynamism, professionalism and team spirit have made ​​MGM a unique wine producers in Italy.

The aim of MGM is to produce world class wines that satisfy all the needs of customers and consumers. Therefore, reading and processing of grapes for MGM is not sufficient. Instead, take a passion and curiosity for the product Beigeisterung wine a much larger role. Exactly these values ​​are lived every day by all employees and MGM have made ​​such as one of the largest wine expo expensive in Italy.

The founders are proud to be the most important features of the Italian mind, such as quality, creativity and diversity, to unite in the winery. MGM supports the connected winemakers throughout the year with a team of 14 wine experts and biologists. Thus, the winery can now rely on an outstanding vintage.