Markus Schneider Kaitui in the new vintage ready for delivery ~ 94 points!

Markus Schneider Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc

Finally! He is back, our absolute customer favourite from the Palatinate. We proudly present the Markus Schneider KAITUI Sauvignon Blanc in the crisp and fresh 2017 vintage. This tailor, he just can’t be stopped! Already with the first sip it is clear: here again there is a lot of wine for little money. We award this wine with 94 points for its freshness.

Top-seller Markus Schneider KAITUI Sauvignon Blanc in the new vintage 2017 now ready for delivery

The Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc 2017 shines brightly in the glass and enchants us with sparkling reflections. The nose is tropical, exotic and invigorating. Limes, lemongrass and lush green grass provide an extra freshness kick. In the taste, this top seller with its usual juicy and intense aromas makes it clear once again why Schneider is now one of the Pfälzer Spitzen. The finale is light-hearted but durable. Top!

Georg Fischer “Geyersberg” Riesling ~ Precious 95P Riesling from top location

Georg Fischer Geyersberg Riesling

The Georg Fischer “Geyersberg” Riesling dry, which the master vinifies with careful use of wood, ensures the finest Riesling enjoyment. Georg Fischer can rightly be called an adventurer. As a photographer for renowned magazines such as GEO or Stern, he earned recognition and earned his living for many years. He was also highly successful as an advertising photographer. He collected the starting capital for his personal winery project.

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A. Christmann wine-growing estate

A. Christmann estate in a very special focus on the vitality, biodiversity and the natural cultivation of vineyards. In receiving and stamping of the terroir and the vines of education is the key to good and great wine from A. Christmann. Just the experience and knowledge of previous generations, to whom it applies are set up at Weingut A. Christmann. These traditions, firmly established as a collection of experiences that allow the winery A. Christmann, to avoid repeating mistakes and not excited to jump from mode to mode. This differs from the European wine of the New World.

Since 1996, the operation of Steffen Christmann now in the 7th Generation out. Even with the current size of the winery A. Christmann is the love of wine is still a major factor.

Facts about the winery A. Christmann

  • Vineyard area: 17.5 hectares
  • Owners & Managers: Steffen Christmann
  • Foreign operations: Martin Eller
  • Member: VDP
  • Gault Millau 2011: 4 Grapes
  • Address: 67 435 Gimmeldingen, Peter Koch-Straße 43

Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan winery

The history of the estate of Privy Councillor Dr. Bassermann-Jordan is the story of a family dynasty, founded by the quality of wine, and for nearly 300 years influenced. Generation after generation will emerge from the worlds of the winery, Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan, to obtain intelligence, expertise and flair as well as economic and political influence, the importance of good and Palatinate wines and expand knowledge – to the rank of world leaders.

The historical labels from the winery of Dr. Bassermann-Jordan are a separate classification of the offer: The coat of arms-label (1925) stands for all the noble sweet wines with residual sugar, spicy from subtle to highly concentrated. For all dry Rieslings, the nouveau-label (1905 – shows the Roman emperor Probus) were used. The 1811er-label, one of the oldest wine labels in Germany, adorns the bottles of Burgundy from Dr. Bassermann-Jordan.

Facts about the estate of Dr. Bassermann-Jordan

  • Vineyard area: 50 hectares
  • Owner: Achim Niederberger
  • Winemaker Ulrich Mell
  • Member: VDP
  • Gault Millau 2011: 4 Grapes
  • Address: 67146 Deidesheim Kirchgasse, 10

vineyard estate Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt

The winery Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, with its over 650-year history (1349-1999) one of the oldest estates in the Mosel region. With 12 acres, both in the Mosel, Saar and Ruwer Winery has the Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt about the extraordinary range of peak positions in all three valleys of the cultivated area.

In 1978, acquired the estate empire deer Günther von Kesselstatt in Trier. Since 1983, directs his daughter, Annegret with commitment and expertise of the over 600 year old winery Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt. The enjoyment of the product and its connection to their homeland and their obsession with quality and years of contact with customers at home and abroad helped the winery to international renown. In addition to the many awards that the company and its wines collected during these years, she was also rewarded personally in 1989 with the title “Winemaker of the Year” as well as 2001 and 2005 with the Oscar nomination for these industries.

In over 25 years in which Annegret Reh-Gartner leads the estate Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt, she has changed a lot and developed. The focus was always her high demands on the quality of their wines. A crucial step was the consistent reduction of the estate empire von Kesselstatt to 36 hectares. This enabled the selection can be improved considerably in the vineyard.

Facts about the estate Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt

  • Vineyard area: 35 hectares
  • Owner: Gunther Reh family
  • Managing Director: Annegret Reh-Gartner
  • Manager and cellar master: Wolfgang Mertes
  • Foreign operations: Christian Steinmetz
  • Member: VDP
  • Gault Millau 2011: 3 bunches

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Meyer-Naekel vineyard

Vineyard Meyer-Naekel wine is a passionate Naekelsache.
For five generations the family cares for those in the Ahr wine culture that was once established here by the Romans. In 1950, the modern winery was built by the Meyer-Naekel wedding of Paula Meyer and Willibald Naekel. Although Willibald Naekel only about 1.5 hectares of vineyards cultivated, he was one of the renowned pioneers of the Ahr valley at that time rather unusual dry red wines. His son ran the company Naekel Werner Meyer-Naekel today with his wife Claudia and daughter Meike and Dorte.

Regional wines are ambassadors and embody the character of the documents and the personality of the people who stand behind it. The steep slopes of the Ahr caused by the particular combination with the mineral and slate floors very fruity wine with an elegant tannin structure. The philosophy of Meyer-Naekel it always has been, this particular “terroir” wines in the best and get to their best advantage.

Stations on the way to this goal are old vines, meticulous vineyard work, consistent reduction in yields and careful hand-picking. They are also the basis for healthy, ripe grapes and wines full of character with intense aromas and an elegant balance of Meyer-Naekel. In the cellar, with a gentle way of working that achieved in the vineyard and preserves quality of the variety character.

Facts about the winery Meyer-Naekel

  • Vineyard area: 15.2 hectares
  • Owner: Werner Näkel
  • Winemaker: Meike and Werner Naekel
  • Member: VDP, German oak forum
  • Gault Millau 2011: 4 Grapes
  • Address: 53507 Dernau Peace Street, 15

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Wagner-Stempel a wine-growing estate

In 1845 the foundation stone of Wagner’s yard and laid the previous generations formed from the classical mixing operation is a well known winery and helped the documents and Höllberg Heerkretz in the first decades of the 20th Century of national importance.
For the past nine generations was operated at the Wagner’s vineyards. Daniel Wagner continued the tradition of classic wine, and set up all his talent and skill to revive the once-famous names like Heerkretz and Höllberg. As a result, he focuses on the classic grape varieties Silvaner, Pinot Blanc and Riesling in particular, the vineyards organically farmed consuming and renounces all forms of conventional fertilizers or pesticides.
Far-reaching measures resulting in profit, manual leaves and lower floor work and the selective hand-picking in the fall are the cornerstones of the philosophy of wine making in Wagner-Stempel that comes basically from the fact that great wines are made in the vineyard. The principal reason behind this understanding is through and through hand-shaped each year and requires a high degree of diligence and discipline.
The fruits of this passion for wine to show up every year in a wine characteristic of Wagner-Stempel, the animating crisp and clear on the one hand – turns challenging and complex, focused on the other. An original style to prove his well-known critic, and the inclusion in the elite group of certified wineries in 2004 as well as the awarding of 4.Traube by the wine critic of the Gault Millau express the fact that the wines of the Wagner-Stempel something special are .

Facts about Estate Wagner-Stempel

  • Vineyard area: 16 hectares
  • Owner: Wagner family
  • Manager: Lothar & Daniel Wagner
  • Winemaker: Daniel Wagner
  • Member: VDP, Message in a Bottle
  • Gault Millau 2011: 4 Grapes
  • Address: 55 599 Siefersheim, Wöllsteiner Street 10

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Christian Bamberger Winery

Christian Bamberger – the winery is in the vicinity of highly complex and dense red mineral white wines, which was inspired by the Gault Millau 2011th Nine impressive discovery in the Middle – Christian Bamberger!   Having spent more than 14 generations, the stone is owned by the family court Hardter Bamberger. Bamberger tradition 350 years, 6 years of Christian and the winery has reached the top of the Nahe.

The Wine Line “7byCB”, consisting of four reds and three whites, according to Gault Millau, the discovery of nine perhaps most impressive of the Nahe. The Reds got all the 86 points and so the Gault Millau writes in 2011: “Once again, is such a collection, and the first cluster may”.  Not only is fascinated by the Gault Millau, Bamberg, and the association of wineries and wine cellars recorded in the vicinity of Bamberg with the honorary award for “outstanding achievements in 2010.”

Facts about the Vineyard Christian Bamberger

  • Vineyard area: 12 hectares
  • Address: 55566 Bad Sobernheim-Steinhardt, Kreuznacher Street 2

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