Schreckbichl Pfefferer gold muscatel in brandnew 2017 vintage

Schreckbichl Pfefferer Goldmuskateller

Our absolute customer favourite is finally back, in the brand-new vintage: The elegant, youthful-aromatic Schreckbichl Pfefferer Gold Muscatel IGP dry 2017 fascinates with its straightforwardness and sparkling clean style!

A touch of spring in the glass

A first touch of spring blew through our tasting rooms as we tasted this delicious golden muscatel. Right now, in the cold season, the peppercutter with his animating freshness came to us. What a heavenly bouquet full of juicy peach, sweet raspberry, sparkling tangerine and fresh mint! What a flowery-fruity revelation, a pinch of nutmeg and a handful of rose petals that give that certain something special! Full-bodied and multi-faceted, this South Tyrolean is trumps up until it glides into a finely fruity mineral finish. We enthusiastically draw 90 BELViNi points.