Ramón Bilbao Rioja with 90 Robert Parker points ~ AdventSale#7

Ramón Bilbao Rioja

Other countries, different customs. Basque children are visited by Olentzero at Christmas – a thick, dirty, quirky, very funny charcoal burner. He usually lives in the forest, and apart from charcoal-making, eating and drinking are his only occupation. Therefore, he must be a profound connoisseur of Rioja wines. Although the children’s wish lists contain other desires, Riojas are the measure of all things in the adult’s order forms. The Ramón Bilbao “Edition Limitada” Crianza is almost charcoal-raven black (like a dirty charcoal burner).

Despite all the prejudices, the raven flutters to your home as a messenger of happiness to help the angels delight you with this heavenly drop.

lush, aromatic, seductive

Black cherries, red berries, vanilla, cinnamon and toast play their magic tricks on your nose. A feast for the senses takes its course, and the lush aromas surrounding the dark cherry make your palate tremble. This wine is much too seductive to let the Advent season pass in silent melancholy.

Even wine critics could not resist the charm of the delicious Basque: Robert Parker scored 90 points. The Wine Spectator also has 90 points and TOP 100 and 92 BELViNi points from us.