Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC ~ AdventSale#14 ~ 98 Luca-Maroni-points

Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC

Roman flair in the bottle! Let the highly aromatic Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC take you to the Eternal City and sniff out its flair on a Vespa excursion between Spanish stairs and vineyards, through noisy alleys, past venerable ruins and Catholic wonders. For a long time we were looking for a real top quality wine from Rome and its immediate surroundings – now we have found it!

Finally a real wine from Rome! Enjoy the bouquet of ripe red berries, cherries, red flowers and some balsamic vinegar! Treat your palate to this pleasantly smooth, perfectly balanced red wine with elegantly woven-in tannins! Experience an intense, spicy, concentrated and aromatic aftertaste of beer!

Top rated and simply delicious

Simply outstanding – confirms Luca Maroni and awards 98 points. We earn 96+ BELViNi points. Discover Rome now from its most delicious side!

“ROMA” is written in large letters on the label. Reading backwards, we discover “AMOR” – his sign God of love in Roman mythology. It’s clear which wine we want to drink for the Feast of Love. (Also OMA (Grandma) loves his aROMA.)