Markus Schneider Black Print 2016

Markus Schneider Black Print

Schneider has a new wine. Actually he’s an old one, but he’s just new – that’s all there is to it! The composition of the Markus Schneider Black Print has changed. Germany’s most successful red wine cuvée (in the premium segment) has become milder, softer and smoother.


Zenato Winery

Sergio Zenato inherited his passion for viticulture from his father Silvino, who founded the Zenato family vineyard on the southern shore of Lake Garda in the early 1960s.
At that time, there was no sign of an Italian wine boom and it was necessary to produce excellent wine in order to attract attention. Silvino did this and with Zenato, he quickly gained a good reputation. Weiterlesen

Zenato Lugana San Benedetto

Zenato’s Lugana San Benedetto is a beautiful Italian wine with crunchy fruit, which presents itself wonderfully fragrant and casual. It has an impressive complexity in the bouquet. Green fruit, grapefruit, fine citrus notes and delicious apple notes dominate. Finely spiced nuances and a fine almond note complement the palate. Weiterlesen

BELViNi wine calendar – for adult wine lovers

No more dull and unromantic number counting, paper breaks or digital time sheets! With our BELViNi wine calendar, the days and weeks taste of delicious wine. Your everyday life will be enriched with wonderful surprises, spiced up with wonderful colours, fragrances and aromas, filled with anticipation for the coming!


VDP-Estate Karthäuserhof – Six Generations of winemakers

VDP estate KarthäuserhofKarthäuserhof takes its name from the Carthusian monks who received the estate from Prince Elector Balduin of Luxembourg in 1335. In the aftermath of secularization, Valentin Leonardy, a director general in the French army, purchased the Karthäuserhof estate from the state (France) at auction in 1811. During the next three generations, the Rautenstrauch family ran the Karthäuserhof estate and led it to world fame. Werner Tyrell, an in-law, took charge in 1951. Under his direction, the outstanding vintages of the 50s and 60s added to the Karthäuserhof estate’s renown and it became well known as a great producer of sweet wines.

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Karthäuserhof Riesling Eitelsbacher Karthäuserhofberg Spätlese trockenChristoph Tyrell, the sixth generation, has conducted the Karthäuserhof estate since 1986. Together with cellar master Ludwig Breiling and his successor Christian Vogt, Tyrell has focused on carefully made dry wines. The many high awards the wines have received attest to the success of their efforts.

VDP-Estate Jürgen Ellwanger – Excellent wines made in Württemberg

Estate Jürgen EllwangerThe Ellwanger family’s viticultural tradition dates from 1512. In 1949, Gottlob Ellwanger founded the present estate. Under the direction of Jürgen Ellwanger, the estate has steadily grown in size, and became a member of the VDP. Today, Jürgen Ellwanger estate and its 23 hectares (57 acres) of vines are in the hands of Jörg and Sylvia, with son Felix. They are committed to tradition, whereby the spirit of innovation and willingness to broaden one’s perspectives are also part of their tradition.

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Jürgen Ellwanger Riesling QbA trockenAt Jürgen Ellwanger estate they realize that quality is „born“ in the vineyard and vineyard is synonymous with nature. For this reason, they cultivate their vineyards as naturally as possible. Their cellar philosophy of Jürgen Ellwanger reads: Wine behaves like a precious stone. The more you polish it, the less it is worth.

VDP-Estate Josef Leitz – Gault Millau’s Winemaker of 2011

VDP estate Josef LeitzThe Leitz family’s viticultural history dates back to 1744. The Rüdesheim estate was completely destroyed in World War Il, but rebuilt by Josef Leitz, grandfather of the current owner, Johannes. He took charge of his parent’s estate and its three hectares (7.5 acres) of vines in 1985, after completing his viticultural training. Since then, the Josef Leitz estate has grown in size to a remarkable 40 hectares (ca. 100 acres), and has become successful nationally and internationally.

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Leitz Riesling Rüdesheimer trockenJosef Leitz‘ dry premium wines from the Rüdesheim sites Berg Roseneck, Berg Schlossberg, Berg Rottland, and Berg Kaisersteinfels are regarded as being some of the finest wines of Germany. All wines of Josef Leitz bear the signature of the winemaker and reflect the terroir of the Rüdesheimer Berg.

VDP-Estate Johannishof – Riesling only

VDP estate JohannishofBased on old documents, the viticultural tradition of the Johannishof estate can be traced back to the year 1685. A wine estate steeped in history developed out of a former mill – the millstones in the coat of arms of the Eser family are a reminder of the estate’s origins. Today, Johannishof estate is run by Johannes and Sabine Eser, the 10th generation of the founding family.

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Johannishof Riesling Charta KabinettTheir 20 hectares (ca. 50 acres) of consolidated vineyards are organically cultivated according to the most modern methods. The Team of Johannishof estate strives to achieve a particularly pronounced type of Riesling wine. After careful vinification, the young wines develop in stainless steel tanks and oak casks in a hillside cellar that provides optimal conditions for aging high-quality, fruit-driven wines.