Montemajor Mammasanta Primitivo di Manduria DOC ~ 95 Luca Maroni points

Montemajor Mammasanta Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Today we would like to present you the so popular Apulier Mamma Santa. “The Holy Mother” – from a wine point of view you can see the Montemajor “Mammasanta” Primitivo di Manduria. Of course, because the Primitivo has shaped Puglia like no other grape variety and the Primitivo di Manduria has made “Puglia” famous all over the world.

First-class aroma symphony

Into the glass comes this top wine with dense ruby red and garnet red reflections. The nose is perfectly structured with notes of ripe plums, plum jam, cassis, black berries, cinnamon and sandalwood, cardamom and clove.

On the palate, Montemajor “Mammasanta” Primitivo di Manduria impresses with its splendid richness, fruity elegance and fresh fruit acidity. Like all wines from Montemajor, it is elegant in all its richness.