Markus Schneider Black Print 2016

Markus Schneider Black Print

Schneider has a new wine. Actually he’s an old one, but he’s just new – that’s all there is to it! The composition of the Markus Schneider Black Print has changed. Germany’s most successful red wine cuvée (in the premium segment) has become milder, softer and smoother.

The Black Print 2016 convinces with its familiar “black print” dress in glass. The nose smells of cherry and cassimarmalade, roasted red paprika, laurel, thyme, a little beetroot. A little cold ash, maybe you know this because you have to sweep out the ashes in the fireplace from time to time or you have turned on the campfire in the morning while camping. The cassis jam keeps coming back to light.

A red wine cuvée of infinite depth

On the palate, the wine Black Print is as deep as its new hole in the bottom of the bottle. The wine is soft, elegant and very flattering on the palate. The soft, fine spicy and elegant character of this wine seems unusual at first – but makes it perfect for all those who have been too rough and harsh on German red wine before. The finish is again cherry and cassis berries.

92 points