Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines Puglia IGP ~ AdventSale#12 ~ 98 Luca-Maroni-points

Femar Vini Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines

If the gifted wine artists of Femar Vini take only grapes from old Primitivo vines and create a brand-new top quality creation from them in a refined procedure, then we can be as curious as a lightning arch. The Femar Vini Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines Primitivo Puglia IGP is composed of dried berries, passing through a short passage in wooden barrels, producing an above-average alcohol content. The “increase in wages” has truly earned this wine, after so much effort in the service of quality!

Look forward to an intense ruby red glint in your glass. On the scent of ripe red fruits, forest berries and plum jam, followed by red currant, dried violet and various spices, on the base of graphite and cocoa powder. Smooth, full-bodied, fruity and spicy, finely balanced and incredibly long-lasting. We are thrilled and bow down deeply and as far as we can to this glorious majesty: with 97 BELViNi points! And of course, we are not alone in our rapture: wine guru Luca Maroni has long since won an incredible 98 points!

New wine series “Gran Appasso”

Perhaps you already knew the “normal” Gran Appasso from the same company? Let me now reveal: this was originally intended to remain a high-quality individual project. But because of the overwhelming success in a very short time, the “Femar Vinis” decided to turn it into a brand and create new versions under this brand. Completely different appassos from different grape varieties, but at least as good as the “prototype”. So there is now an organic variety – and just this brand-new Primitivo!