Gran Appasso Blush Rosé IGP 2017 ~ the legend “Gran Appasso” now also in Rosé

Gran Appasso Blush Rosé

From the makers of our bestsellers “Gran Appasso Rosso Passito” and “Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines” comes the next sensational wine wonder. This time Femar Vini conjures up a rosé version from the barrel, and we invite you to the premiere. Quickly rolled out the pink carpet to pay homage to the rising star in the Appasso sky: the incomparable Gran Appasso Blush Rosé IGP 2017!

Great cinema for eyes, nose, palate & soul!
Welcome to the premiere!

Look forward to a lush bouquet of freshly picked raspberries, juicy strawberries and a hint of rhubarb. Mint, lime, passion fruit, sliced pears and almond blossoms are also included. And, and, and, and. With each turn, the salmon pink Gran Appasso with its silver plates reveals further aromas and seductive fragrances. To be continued…

On the palate you will experience your pink miracle! Everything comes together perfectly. The Gran Appasso Blush Rosé is soft, delicately spicy, elegant; it captivates with enamel and strength, length and sweetness, freshness and fruit, a harmonious citric character and an eternal finish.

As soon as you have had this drop in the glass for the first time, you will completely redefine “rosé”!