Erste + Neue Rosentropfen ~ South Tyrolean 92P from Lake Caldaro

Erste + Neue Rosentropfen

Like the name, so the wine: Erste + Neue Rosentropfen. Simply sensual. This intense but still translucent red that flatters every garden and every glass of wine. And every strawberry mouth. The delicate scent of freshly cut roses. Elegant, beguiling seduction. You can look forward to all this when you kiss a bottle of rose drops!

The fruity floral bouquet of the South Tyrolean rose muscatel reveals English rose, jasmine, lychee, sour cherry, plum jam, cassis liqueur and marzipan. On the palate, red berries celebrate a juicy-fine tangy party in a gallant, smooth, slightly sweet (but by no means too sweet) way. The finish is also a big palate cinema on the rose-red carpet.

Rare rose muscatel grape unusually developed: a real rarity

Don’t miss this real rarity: In South Tyrol, the already very rare rose muscatel grape is otherwise grown almost exclusively as a sweet dessert wine. The Kalterer cooperatives prove that things can be different and no less delicious with their deliciously bitter rose drops.

Get yourself this gifted aperitif, which also makes a good figure as seafood.