Chunky Red Double American Oak ~ 93+P apulian primitivo with zinfandel-style

Chunky Red Double American Oak Zinfandel

Good news for the many Primitivo fans among you: North American Zinfandel and southern Italian Primitivo are genetically identical, they are the same grape variety. Different terroirs and preferences of the cellar masters can naturally lead to stylistic differences in the bottle.

The best of two worlds

The Chunky Red Double American Oak Zinfandel IGT is an Apulian primitivo with an American name. It was fermented and matured in American oak, giving it a wonderful vanilla character that would not have been possible in French wood. In fact, this red wine goes perfectly with North American ribs and burgers. The African-Asian proboscidean on the label of this “American European” awakens the anticipation of a truly “elephant fantastic” drop.

Enjoy the fragrance of dark berries, oak, vanilla and peppermint. Treat your palate to a dense, full-bodied pampering programme with notes of toast, vanilla, coconut, caramel, coffee and liquorice. You will want more from this multi-faceted refreshment! We speak from experience: 93+ BELViNi points are no accident!