Cà Maiol Giomé Maiolo Rosso ~ strong red character from Lake Garda

Cà Maiol Giome Maiolo Benaco Bresciano Rosso IGP

Red and black currants, fresh plums and prunes unite in the bouquet with fine spicy notes of light tobacco leaf, a hint of mocha and the finest oak wood. On the palate, the Merlot and Cabernet grape varieties prove their potential. The Cà Maiol Giomé Maié Maiolo Maiolo Benaco Bresciano Rosso IGP is soft, fruity yet deep and strong in character – with tannins and acidity perfectly matched to each other.


Cà Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Garda Classic Garda DOP ~ Rosato-BlackWineDay from Lake Garda

Cà Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Garda Classico DOP

A fresh and fragrant breeze comes with Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Maiolo Garda Classico DOP over the Alps to give your nose a delicate red fruit: strawberries, redcurrants, cherries and raspberries are combined with roasted almonds and spring flowers to create a first-class bouquet.


Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Elqui Valley ~ 92+P Steam Hammer

Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

The Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Elqui Valley is one of the best red wines we know from South America! Cherry, cassis, blackberry, red paprika, black pepper, mocha, tobacco and cedar wood create a multi-faceted, warm, spicy and delicate bouquet of high fascination. On the palate, velvety tannins, a powerful body, juicy fruit and savoury spices inspire. The long finish combines red pepper and cassis with elegant toasted notes.

Spectacular 92P Cabernet Sauvignon from spectacular landscape

Similarly spectacular as the wine itself is its origin. The dry Elqui Valley, located near the Atacama Desert, is an „extreme“ challenge for winegrowers, but the effort is worthwhile. With a lot of courage, dedication, passion and skill, the Gramola family, who immigrated from Italy about seventy years ago, has developed their Viña Falernia into a world-renowned premium winery. The 2015 vintage of the Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva is the most recent proof of their extraordinary mastery. We pull the hat – and 92+ BELViNi points!

Varvaglione 12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento IGP Fashion Edition ~ 92 points

Varvaglione 12 e mezzo Primitivo Fashion

May we introduce you to our latest star in the wine cellar: the stylish Varvaglione 12 e mezzo Primitivo del Salento IGP Fashion Edition is visually stunning! A real eye-catcher, but above all also smelly and gourmet with the beguiling scent of overripe plums, cherry jam, vanilla and other spices as well as cocoa. On the palate it is velvety soft, full-bodied, with good structure, wonderful texture and perfectly bound tannins. Look forward to the impressive final!


Casa de Vila Nova Alvarinho ~ AdventSale#22 ~ crisp Vinho Verde from Portugal

Casa de Vila Nova Alvarinho

A Portuguese Christmas dinner traditionally ends with the „King’s cake“. There’s a bean hidden in it. Whoever finds her has to get the cake next year. In our fantastic Casa de Vila Nova Alvarinho the pure pleasure is „hidden“. If you „find“ it, you will voluntarily and from a strong drive of your own – and not just next year. Because this fruity, green Vinho Verde inspires all year round. It is green (and tastes!) not only in summertime, but also in winter. Whether it snows at Christmas or not.


Warres King’s Tawny Port ~ AdventSale#18 ~ noble port wine from venerable house

Warres Kings Tawny Port

If that’s not a Christmas bouquet! This royal-tasty Tawny Port smells enticingly of dried fruits, nuts, almonds, caramel, orange peel, black tea, tender wood and freshly ground pepper. On the palate, the Warre’s King’s Tawny Port delights with a velvety soft mouthfeel. Sweetness and acidity are excellently balanced and accompany the aromas of the bouquet into a long and lingering finish. An excellent Tawny Port, especially in this price range. We are thrilled and give away 90 BELViNi points!


Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC ~ AdventSale#14 ~ 98 Luca-Maroni-points

Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC

Roman flair in the bottle! Let the highly aromatic Poggio Le Volpi Roma Rosso DOC take you to the Eternal City and sniff out its flair on a Vespa excursion between Spanish stairs and vineyards, through noisy alleys, past venerable ruins and Catholic wonders. For a long time we were looking for a real top quality wine from Rome and its immediate surroundings – now we have found it!


Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines Puglia IGP ~ AdventSale#12 ~ 98 Luca-Maroni-points

Femar Vini Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines

If the gifted wine artists of Femar Vini take only grapes from old Primitivo vines and create a brand-new top quality creation from them in a refined procedure, then we can be as curious as a lightning arch. The Femar Vini Gran Appasso Edizione Old Vines Primitivo Puglia IGP is composed of dried berries, passing through a short passage in wooden barrels, producing an above-average alcohol content. The „increase in wages“ has truly earned this wine, after so much effort in the service of quality!