Ernie Els „Big Easy“ Red Blend 2016 ~ AdventSale#8 ~ 93 Points

Ernie Els Big Easy Red Blend

Ernie Els only wants to play: as a world-class golfer with Tiger Woods (which he could defeat), as a winemaker with oak wood. Lightness is his own. His light, elegant, almost „decelerated“ and effortlessly appearing golf swing earned the US Open winner the nickname „The Big Easy“. Big Easy „is also the name of the delicious red cuvée Ernie produces on Africa’s southern tip. To give our everyday life a dash of lightness.


Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco ~ Luca Maroni: 98 points for 2016 „best whitewine Lazio“

Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco Lazio

vvAfter a brilliant warmup, our AdventSale comes at the right operating temperature – thank you all very much for the enormous demand! And with the Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco Lazio IGP we deliver again. Il maestro Luca Maroni lifts his hat and simply chooses this exceptional Bianco as „best whitewine Lazio“. If all wines were like Donnaluce, the profession would probably have to be renamed „applauders“ or „admirers“.


Zenato Winery

Sergio Zenato inherited his passion for viticulture from his father Silvino, who founded the Zenato family vineyard on the southern shore of Lake Garda in the early 1960s.
At that time, there was no sign of an Italian wine boom and it was necessary to produce excellent wine in order to attract attention. Silvino did this and with Zenato, he quickly gained a good reputation. Weiterlesen

Zenato Lugana San Benedetto

Zenato’s Lugana San Benedetto is a beautiful Italian wine with crunchy fruit, which presents itself wonderfully fragrant and casual. It has an impressive complexity in the bouquet. Green fruit, grapefruit, fine citrus notes and delicious apple notes dominate. Finely spiced nuances and a fine almond note complement the palate. Weiterlesen

Robert Weil winery

The winery Robert Weil grows grapes for four generations. At the founding of the winery Robert Weil in Kiedrich in 1875 a series of coincidences was helpful. The founder of the winery, Dr. Robert Weil, a professor of German at the Sorbonne in Paris had, in advance of the German-Prussian War of 1870/71 to leave France. He settled first in Rheingau nearby, Wiesbaden down, and worked as a journalist. As the family vineyard in Kiedrich already had possession, Dr. Robert Weil in 1875 took the opportunity to permanently reside in Kiedrich by the residence of the late English baronet, Sir John Sutton earned.

By Dr. Robert Weil’s decision to settle in Kiedrich was accompanied by the decision to expand his small vineyard property in order to establish a vineyard. He later acquired by the chef of the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, Nilkens whose Kiedricher winery, vineyards, best bought from the estate of Count von Furstenberg and the renowned winery Buschmann. With vision and entrepreneurial daring thus the beginning of winery Robert Weil was set.

Facts about Weingut Robert Weil

  • Vineyard area: 75 hectares
  • Owner: Suntory, Wilhelm Weil
  • Foreign managers: Clemens Schmitt
  • Winemaker: Christian Engel, Michael Thrien, Stefan Bieber
  • Member: VDP
  • Gault Millau 2011: 5 bunches
  • Address: 65399 Kiedrich, Mühlberg 5

awesome wine by Markus Schneider

Markus Schneider, star winemakers always knew exactly what he wanted: As a teenager he was clear: I will be wine! Because it happened to Markus Schneider very well that his father, who ran in Ellerstadt fruit, grapes used to have delivered to the cooperative.
Markus Schneider is particularly proud of his old up to 80 years-Portuguese vines that sometimes deliver its best red wines: deep red, juicy with a creamy chocolate powerhouses note. Red wines from Markus Schneider with names such as Old Vines, Origin, Black print, or single stone set pieces that are unique in the Palatinate. Thus the origin of a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Portuguese.
The Black Print is a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and St. Laurent. Old vines is vinified to one hundred percent of Portuguese. The Sauvignon Blanc from Markus Schneider was even the best Sauvignon Blanc in Germany (2006) was chosen.

The vineyards in Ellerstadt
Of clay, gravel, gravel, sand, loess, sandstone and limestone rock composed of soils of different Rebparzellen Markus Schneider, gently pull the curl out of the plane to Ellerstadt up to the rugged Haardt. An extremely rare geological diversity in conjunction with the summer heat of the day and cool nights are the basis for an incredible amount of flavor, strength and maturity, elegance and minerality.
To exploit the full potential of the various Rebparzellen ideal and work out your idiosyncrasies, a bond between nature and wine is incessantly.

Facts about Weingut Markus Schneider

  • Vineyard area: 50 hectares
  • Owner: Mark and Klaus Schneider
  • Foreign operations: Klaus Schneider
  • Winemaker: Markus Schneider
  • Gault Millau 2011: 3 bunches
  • Address: 67158 Ellerstadt, High On Route 1

Markus Molitor vineyard

The winery Markus Molitor is currently 38 hectares (of which 4.5 ha in the Saar), the largest winery in the Mosel valley. It has a share of 95% Riesling, Pinot Noir and 3% 2% Pinot Blanc only three, and on the river with tradition involved, noble grape varieties prescribed.
The annual production of Markus Molitor moves depending on the year 200.000-300.000 bottles (over 90% to 0.75 l). In addition, about 20,000 bottles are produced in the winery’s own sparkling wine.

At just 20 years, Markus Molitor in 1984, the three-acre vineyard his father. Despite his young age, his vision was very clear and ambitious: the Moselle to help with individual, typical location, unique and extremely storable Rieslings to their former glory back.
Uncompromised, precise quality (hand) operatively connected in the vineyard and cellar with the absolute respect for the natural product, grape and wine are his guide. Each layer and each vintage flavor to be expressed. The wines from Markus Molitor will have structure and depth of flavor and shine while the Moselle typical freshness and animate.
For 8 generations, the family farmed vineyards Molitor. The winery Markus Molitor has increased slightly based on the Moselle, in the midst of the situation Wehlener Klosterberg and overlooking the vineyards Zeltinger.

Facts about winery Markus Molitor

  • Vineyard area: 38 hectares
  • Owner, manager and cellar master: Markus Molitor
  • Foreign operations: Stephan Reimann
  • Member: Bernkasteler ring
  • Gault Millau 2011: 4 red grapes
  • Address: 54470 Bernkastel-Wehlen, Klosterberg


famous wine by Diel

The 11th Century castle built laity came in 1802 in the possession of the family Diel, in September 2002 celebrated its 200th anniversary as a winegrower. But the family was already Diel previously worked for generations as an estate manager and winemaker for Baron von Dalberg. Their best vineyards from Schlossgut Diel, a total of 16 hectares are located in the district and the community Dorsheim are all planted with Riesling.
The top layers of gold hole, Castle Hill and Pittermännchen were classified in 1901 in a Prussian official property tax card in the highest category and enjoy an international reputation to this day. Thanks to his daughter Caroline and Christopher Frederick Butler, it is possible the owner Armin Diel, stand up eloquently as wine writer and leading member of the VDP close to the German wine.

Facts about Schlossgut Diel

  • Vineyard area: 22 hectares
  • Owner: Armin Diel and Caroline
  • Operations Manager & Winemaker: Caroline Diel and Christopher J. Friedrich
  • Member: VDP, German oak forum
  • Gault Millau 2011: 4 Grapes
  • Address: 55452 Burg Layen

More Information about the Nahe-Winery Schlossgut Diehl.