Cantina del Vermentino “Thaóra” Rosato IGT ~ animating Rosato from Sardinia

Cantina del Vermentino "Thaóra" Rosato

The Cantina del Vermentino “Thaóra” Colli del Limbara Rosato shines bright strawberry red with copper reflections. (In earlier times it would have been spoken of a “strong clear pink”. But today hardly anyone can do anything with this outdated term. The bouquet is balanced, fruity and floral with notes of freshly harvested cherries, strawberries and pomegranates. Complemented by delicate and spicy accents. In the mouth, the “Thaóra” is exactly what you would like a good rosato to be: dry, crisp, juicy, fresh, with pleasant fruit acidity, tender, soft, slightly vinous, stimulating to drink. In the finale of medium length there are slightly bitter hints.

A delicious homage to typical Sardinian grape varieties

This cuvée is a homage to the typical Sardinian grape varieties Cannonau, Pascale, Malaga and Monica. Typical Sardinian” can mean autochthonous, as in the Monica. Cannonau, on the other hand, is widespread in large parts of the world under the name Grenache – but nowhere else does it reach its peak as it does under the special climatic conditions of Sardinia.

Enjoy the extremely versatile Cantina del Vermentino “Thaóra” Colli del Limbara Rosato as an aperitif, with crisp salads, summer appetizers or light Mediterranean cuisine – tomato soup with croutons, pizza, simple fish dishes, seafood. To grilled meat (such as grilled coconut chicken), fiery and creamy-melting dishes. Or just on the terrace. Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…