Cà Maiol Giomé Maiolo Rosso ~ strong red character from Lake Garda

Cà Maiol Giome Maiolo Benaco Bresciano Rosso IGP

Red and black currants, fresh plums and prunes unite in the bouquet with fine spicy notes of light tobacco leaf, a hint of mocha and the finest oak wood. On the palate, the Merlot and Cabernet grape varieties prove their potential. The Cà Maiol Giomé Maié Maiolo Maiolo Benaco Bresciano Rosso IGP is soft, fruity yet deep and strong in character – with tannins and acidity perfectly matched to each other.

Greatest drinking pleasure is safe, and the aromatic aftertaste prolongs the fun in a wonderful way. We earn 90 strong BELViNi points.

Easter is just around the corner – and this wine goes perfectly with the grilled lamb!

By the way:”Giomelle” in ancient Rome meant the union of two things. The fantasy name “Giomé”, derived from this, stands for the union of Merlot and Cabernet in this wine.

Enjoy Cà Maiol Giomé Maiolo with grilled lamb, spare ribs or a juicy rib-eye steak!