Cà Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Garda Classic Garda DOP ~ Rosato-BlackWineDay from Lake Garda

Cà Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Garda Classico DOP

A fresh and fragrant breeze comes with Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Maiolo Garda Classico DOP over the Alps to give your nose a delicate red fruit: strawberries, redcurrants, cherries and raspberries are combined with roasted almonds and spring flowers to create a first-class bouquet.

Crisp, round and aromatic, this Chiaretto rosé has a fresh fruit acidity, delicate tannins and elegant minerals in perfect harmony. Delicate and structured, a gentle type with body and character. You will never forget the wonderfully beautiful reverberation.

Tender temptation of a single night

The Cà Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Garda Classico DOP 2016 is also known as the “wine of a single night”, because the fruity flirtation of Groppello, Marzemino, Sangiovese and Barbera grapes lasted only a few hours, followed by passionate must and peel contact. “It’s going to be good for a long time,” the old men warned. The young grapes found that “what ferments quickly and vigorously becomes better”. And they were right – that night brought forth something delicious!

So let’s not paint black on BlackWineDay today, let’s drink pink: with the delicious Chiaretto from Lake Garda (90 BELViNi points)!