Ernie Els „Big Easy“ Red Blend 2016 ~ AdventSale#8 ~ 93 Points

Ernie Els Big Easy Red Blend

Ernie Els only wants to play: as a world-class golfer with Tiger Woods (which he could defeat), as a winemaker with oak wood. Lightness is his own. His light, elegant, almost „decelerated“ and effortlessly appearing golf swing earned the US Open winner the nickname „The Big Easy“. Big Easy „is also the name of the delicious red cuvée Ernie produces on Africa’s southern tip. To give our everyday life a dash of lightness.


Ramón Bilbao Rioja with 90 Robert Parker points ~ AdventSale#7

Ramón Bilbao Rioja

Other countries, different customs. Basque children are visited by Olentzero at Christmas – a thick, dirty, quirky, very funny charcoal burner. He usually lives in the forest, and apart from charcoal-making, eating and drinking are his only occupation. Therefore, he must be a profound connoisseur of Rioja wines. Although the children’s wish lists contain other desires, Riojas are the measure of all things in the adult’s order forms. The Ramón Bilbao „Edition Limitada“ Crianza is almost charcoal-raven black (like a dirty charcoal burner).


Champagne Louis Roederer Brut Premier – Falstaff: 93 points uvm. ~ Luxury-NicolausSale#6

Champagner Louis Roederer Brut Premier

By chance we noticed how dear Santa Claus was standing at your door this morning and wanted to pour the champagne into his boots – fortunately we were able to convince him that we could understand a little more about the delivery of such delicacies. Now Nikolaus dedicates himself entirely to the children, and we will surprise you with the legendary champagne Louis Roederer Brut Premier.


Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco ~ Luca Maroni: 98 points for 2016 „best whitewine Lazio“

Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco Lazio

vvAfter a brilliant warmup, our AdventSale comes at the right operating temperature – thank you all very much for the enormous demand! And with the Poggio Le Volpi Donnaluce Bianco Lazio IGP we deliver again. Il maestro Luca Maroni lifts his hat and simply chooses this exceptional Bianco as „best whitewine Lazio“. If all wines were like Donnaluce, the profession would probably have to be renamed „applauders“ or „admirers“.


Vidal Fleury Côtes du Rhône AOC ~ fantastic 95 Decanter points, Platinum status, Best in Category

Vidal Fleury Cotes du Rhone

The Vidal Fleury Côtes du Rhône AOC is an extremely remarkable wine in many respects. It comes from one of the oldest and most renowned wineries in France. The Rhône-Pope John Livingstone-Learmoth gave him an excellent 4-star rating. At the Decanter World Wine Awards he won three prizes: 95 points & Platinum-Status & Best in Category. There were 16/20 points from Jancis Robinson. 94 BELViNi points from us. Hammer!


Budeguer Cabernet Sauvignon „Tucumen“ – the prelude to the great BELViNi-AdventSale

Budegeur Tucumen Cabernet Sauvignon

Just in time for the 1st of December our big AdventSale starts today, where we present you a Christmassy super wine bargain every day until the celebration. At BELViNi, this means saving a lot of money on 24 days and finding the perfect wine for Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve, the Christmas party or as a gift for your loved ones. Weiterlesen

Markus Schneider Wines – top awarded by James Suckling

markus schneider wine

November 21st, 2017 – a very special day for the Palatinate top winegrower Markus Schneider, his family and his team. Because the publication of a very special collection rating was imminent. For the first time, selected Markus Schneider wines were awarded by the internationally renowned critic James Suckling. And the ratings are really impressive!


Chateau Pigoudet Classic Rouge AOC ~ strong Frenchman in a bottle

Chateau Pigoudet Classic Rouge

Rosé wines are what for fragile princesses, Barbie dolls, wimps and sissies? Are you into lumberjack steak and dark red wines? For you, Provence is only a transit zone on the way to those areas where things are getting stronger? Then miss the magnificent Pigoudet Classic Rouge AOC from Provence!