Cà Maiol Giomé Maiolo Rosso ~ strong red character from Lake Garda

Cà Maiol Giome Maiolo Benaco Bresciano Rosso IGP

Red and black currants, fresh plums and prunes unite in the bouquet with fine spicy notes of light tobacco leaf, a hint of mocha and the finest oak wood. On the palate, the Merlot and Cabernet grape varieties prove their potential. The Cà Maiol Giomé Maié Maiolo Maiolo Benaco Bresciano Rosso IGP is soft, fruity yet deep and strong in character – with tannins and acidity perfectly matched to each other.


Montemajor Mammasanta Primitivo di Manduria DOC ~ 95 Luca Maroni points

Montemajor Mammasanta Primitivo di Manduria DOC

Today we would like to present you the so popular Apulier Mamma Santa. „The Holy Mother“ – from a wine point of view you can see the Montemajor „Mammasanta“ Primitivo di Manduria. Of course, because the Primitivo has shaped Puglia like no other grape variety and the Primitivo di Manduria has made „Puglia“ famous all over the world.


Montemajor Mammasanta Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2013

Named after Mamma Santa and consecrated by wine pope Luca Maroni to the liquid icon with 95 points, a adorable Primitivo di Manduria comes into the glass, in front of which we also bow deeply with 94 BELViNi points.

Its perfectly structured bouquet is brimming with ripe plums, plum jam, cassis, other black berries, cinnamon, sandalwood, cardamom and clove. Your palate becomes a cathedral when you enjoy Montemajor Mammasanta Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2013, which makes this intense and juicy Montemajor with its magnificent richness, fruity elegance, fresh acidity and sumptuous splendour sound like a powerful organ played by a master hand.

Mamma mia – or mamma nostra – we want more of it!

Cà Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Garda Classic Garda DOP ~ Rosato-BlackWineDay from Lake Garda

Cà Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Garda Classico DOP

A fresh and fragrant breeze comes with Maiol Chiaretto Maiolo Maiolo Garda Classico DOP over the Alps to give your nose a delicate red fruit: strawberries, redcurrants, cherries and raspberries are combined with roasted almonds and spring flowers to create a first-class bouquet.


Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Elqui Valley ~ 92+P Steam Hammer

Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva

The Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva Elqui Valley is one of the best red wines we know from South America! Cherry, cassis, blackberry, red paprika, black pepper, mocha, tobacco and cedar wood create a multi-faceted, warm, spicy and delicate bouquet of high fascination. On the palate, velvety tannins, a powerful body, juicy fruit and savoury spices inspire. The long finish combines red pepper and cassis with elegant toasted notes.

Spectacular 92P Cabernet Sauvignon from spectacular landscape

Similarly spectacular as the wine itself is its origin. The dry Elqui Valley, located near the Atacama Desert, is an „extreme“ challenge for winegrowers, but the effort is worthwhile. With a lot of courage, dedication, passion and skill, the Gramola family, who immigrated from Italy about seventy years ago, has developed their Viña Falernia into a world-renowned premium winery. The 2015 vintage of the Falernia Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva is the most recent proof of their extraordinary mastery. We pull the hat – and 92+ BELViNi points!

Markus Schneider Kaitui in the new vintage ready for delivery ~ 94 points!

Markus Schneider Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc

Finally! He is back, our absolute customer favourite from the Palatinate. We proudly present the Markus Schneider KAITUI Sauvignon Blanc in the crisp and fresh 2017 vintage. This tailor, he just can’t be stopped! Already with the first sip it is clear: here again there is a lot of wine for little money. We award this wine with 94 points for its freshness.

Top-seller Markus Schneider KAITUI Sauvignon Blanc in the new vintage 2017 now ready for delivery

The Kaitui Sauvignon Blanc 2017 shines brightly in the glass and enchants us with sparkling reflections. The nose is tropical, exotic and invigorating. Limes, lemongrass and lush green grass provide an extra freshness kick. In the taste, this top seller with its usual juicy and intense aromas makes it clear once again why Schneider is now one of the Pfälzer Spitzen. The finale is light-hearted but durable. Top!

Georg Fischer „Geyersberg“ Riesling ~ Precious 95P Riesling from top location

Georg Fischer Geyersberg Riesling

The Georg Fischer „Geyersberg“ Riesling dry, which the master vinifies with careful use of wood, ensures the finest Riesling enjoyment. Georg Fischer can rightly be called an adventurer. As a photographer for renowned magazines such as GEO or Stern, he earned recognition and earned his living for many years. He was also highly successful as an advertising photographer. He collected the starting capital for his personal winery project.


Barbanera Governo Toscana ~ 98 Luca-Maroni-points

Barbanera Governo Toscana Rosso

Finally available again! Our delicious candidate from the „Tuscany Group“, who already has his „willingness to govern“ in his name: Barbanera „Governo“ Toscana Rosso IGT. It goes without saying that he is prepared to take responsibility – for the fact that you will never lack pleasure.